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Key Duplicator 100-F1

1. The 100-F1 key duplicator can cut extra long handle keys with saw-teeth grooves and right angle grooves accurately.
2. With latest design, this type of key duplicator has ideal functions. Its left vises assembly can be rotated and has 4-way jaws which allow it to cut a wide variety of keys accurately.
3. The 100-F1 key duplicator has upper and lower layers for the right vises assembly. The right vises assembly can also be four-side use and rotated, it can duplicate many right angle teeth keys.
4. For using the 100-F1 key duplicator outdoors, we provide the 100-F1 DC that can connect to 12V DC vehicle power and whose appearance and other functions are the same.

Configurations of Key Duplicator 100-F1
1) Motor
a) AC, available in different voltages and frequencies, 180W
b) DC, 12V, 180W
2) HSS cutter
a) Left: No. 0011B
100T titanium key machine cutter specification: 70×7.3×12.7×40º×100T
b) Right: No. 0020A
Three sided titanium cutter specification: 70×1.3×25.4×90T
3) Adjusting: The 100-F1 key duplicator is equipped with guide stepping micro-adjustment device
4) Vise: The vise of this key duplicator has 4-way jaws.

Technical Specifications of Key Duplicator 100-F1

Motor AC220V/110V 50/60Hz 180W or DC12V 180W
Cutter HSS Left:NO.0011B Right:NO.0020A
Adjusting Set with guide stepping micro-adjustment device
Vise 4-way jaws
Actual Dimension 42×33×25cm
Carton Dimension 51×41×32cm

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