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Key Duplicating Machine, Key Cutting Machine Manufacturer in China

Foshan City Nanhai District Yanbu Wenxing Machine Factory is a China key cutting machine manufacturer. Since 1983, we at Wenxing have specialized in the design, manufacture, and sales of a wide range of key cutting products, including key cutting machine, key duplicator, key duplicating machine, key machine cutter, alloy key cutter, key duplicating tools, and more. Our key cutting equipment can copy all types of keys, including the right angle groove, slanting groove, cylinder, wave-shaped, multi-lock and concave keys, as well as extra long keys and small keys. Our clients can select the appropriate AC, DC, or both AC/DC key cutting machine to fit all their key cutting needs. We also supply standard spare parts and cutters for all types of key cutting machines.

  • Key Duplicator
  • Key Duplicator 100-F1The 100-F1 key duplicator can cut extra long handle keys with saw-teeth grooves and right angle grooves accurately.
    With latest design, this type of key duplicator has ideal functions. Its left vises assembly can be rotated ...
  • Key Duplicator 100-G3Alloy cutters and tracer pins provide extended service life. The widest spacing between the two sets of vise jaws ever seen, accommodating long blade keys as well as large bow keys. The reversible vise jaws on the left provide 4 clamping ...
  • Key Duplicator
  • Key Duplicator 100-E1The 100-E1 key duplicator has the advantages of many key cutting machines. The distance between the left vises and the right vises can be extended respectively to duplicate extra long keys.
    The left vises assembly rotates ...
  • Key Duplicator
  • Key Duplicator 100-HThe two vises assemblies in the front and back of this key duplicator can clamp extra long keys. The 100-H key duplicator can cut extra long keys with saw-teeth grooves and right angle grooves accurately.
    The durable feeding and sliding...
  • Key Duplicator
  • Key Duplicator 100-A2 The 100-A2 key duplicator is economical and suitable for users with different needs.
    The left vises assembly rotates in two different sides and the right vises assembly can be rotated in four different sides...
  • Key Cutting Machine
  • Key Cutting Machine 218-EThe 218-E key cutting machine has an attractive design. It's portable, convenient to make keys outdoors.
    The vise can be two-side rotated to clamp keys, which insures high precision.
    The stepping micro-adjustment ...
  • Key Duplicating Machine Q383This feature-rich key machine comes with quality tracer pins for fine tuning of cut depths. Tilting clamps are ideal for making a variety of keys, including dimple keys, inclined dimples, and Fichet keys, among various other irregular ...
  • Key Duplicating Machine Q36AInnovative retainer ring allows the tracer pin and cutter to remain in the proper position every time after quick tool change. Works superbly well also for tubular keys of 3 or 4 equal parts. Able to make fast work out of cutting dimple ...

We at Wenxing strive to ensure the quality of each key cutting machine, titanium key machine cutters, and other related products. Our 28 years of experience in the key duplicating machine production field helps us to create products that are a cut above the rest. In addition, we have established our own testing department where employees and professionals receive full-time training to ensure that only the best products reach our clients. We have also introduced advanced key cutting machine testing equipment, such as our optical reading microscope and optical electronic projector. With professional inspectors and top testing equipment, we are able to perform rigorous inspections of every key duplicating machine, key cutter, and other product before it leaves our factory. Thus, customers can rest assured that they will receive quality products.

We have established long-term collaborative relationships with our outsourcing factories. These relationships allow us to greatly reduce our production costs while preserving the high quality of our finished products and spare parts. In order to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality, Wenxing has acquired the best cutting edge machine tool equipment available, both at home and abroad, including our CNC machine tools, high-precision cylindrical grinding machine, precision surface grinder, tool grinder, and other high-tech equipment. Furthermore, all raw materials used in the production of our key duplicators, key cutter, an other key cutting machinery are procured by an expert purchasing staff who pay careful attention to the fluctuating prices of the market. This attention to detail enables us to purchase high quality raw materials at comparatively prices.

We are located in Foshan where we have easy access to convenient methods of transportation. We are near several sea ports and the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. This advantageous location allows us to offer reduced shipping costs and fast delivery time for our global clients. Because of our high product quality, economical prices, and favorable geographical position, our key cutting machines, key duplicating tool, and other products are popular in Germany, the United States, Russia,Spain, Italy, the Netherlands,Poland, and other countries and regions around the world.

If you are interested in our key cutting machine or our other products, please feel free to contact us. Our staff is looking forward to helping you with whatever you need.